Compound Finance & ethPM

Earn interest on your DAI with ethPM and the Compound Protocol

If you're like me, you have a hard time turning down free money. So why just let your crypto sit around and gather dust instead of putting it to work?

This guide will show you how to earn interest on your DAI with only a few lines of code in your terminal. You'll instantly start accumulating interest on your DAI by supplying it to the Compound protocol for others to borrow. We won't go deep into the Compound protocol, but you can learn more about it here.


  • Use the DAI & Compound ethPM packages

  • Approve the cDAI contract to transfer your DAI

  • Exchange your DAI for cDAI (aka supply your DAI to the Compound liquidity pool)



First, let's get the two packages we'll need to supply our DAI to the Compound protocol.

  1. DAI

  2. Compound

from ethpm_cli.config import setup_w3

# `setup_w3(chain_id, private_key)` is a helper method from ethpm-cli
# that automatically connects to the designated chain via Infura and 
# authenticates your account to automatically sign all transactions
w3 = setup_w3(1, 'PRIVATE_KEY')

# Temporary security measure until PM api stabilizes

# Grab the dai package from the snakecharmers erc20 registry'erc20.snakecharmers.eth')
dai_pkg ='dai-dai', '1.0.0')
dai = dai_pkg.deployments.get_instance('DSToken')

# Verify that everything's working
> b'Dai Stablecoin v1.0\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00'

# Grab the compound package from the snakecharmers defi registry'defi.snakecharmers.eth')
compound_pkg ='compound', '1.0.0')
cDai = compound_pkg.deployments.get_instance('cDAI')

# Verify that everything's working
> 'Compound Dai'


Before we can supply our DAI to the Compound protocol, we have to approve the cDAI contract to transfer our DAI tokens and convert them into cDAI. This is a standard procedure with many erc20-based systems. We'll use our cDAI contract instance for the address.

# approve(spender: address, value: uint256)
dai.functions.approve(cDai.address, w3.toWei(100, 'ether').transact()
> 0x123...


In the Compound v2 protocol, "minting" is analogous for supplying your DAI to the liquidity pool. Here we'll specify how many DAI we want to supply, and we start earning interest on the very next block after this tx is mined. Neato!

# mint(value: uint256), 'ether')).transact()
> 0xabc...

Check your stacks!

Give this a couple blocks before you accrue interest. But check daily to see the accumulated rewards of your DAI's hard work!

> 1000000000000000001 # User's balance in DAI

Verify your supply & interest accrued with the Compound dapp. You can also use these ethPM packages and your newly created contract instances to borrow DAI or any other supported feature of the cToken API. The compound package we use here also contains deployment information for all the other mainnet cTokens, so you can use the same package to lend/borrow REP, ETH, BAT, etc...

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