ethPM Library Support

A command line tool to make it easy to interact with the ethPM ecosystem.

  • Deploy an ethPM registry

  • Release packages on a registry

  • Package up smart contracts

  • Install ethPM packages

  • Scrape blockchains for ethPM assets

A module in that provides useful methods for interacting with ethPM registries, generating web3.contract instances and factories for the contract types defined in a package.

An explorer to visually examine the registries and packages available in the ethPM ecosystem.

ethPM Core Libraries

These libraries are all in different stages of development. If you feel the call to enhance any features in a particular library, we would be thrilled for any and all contributions.

Coming soon...

  • ethPM v2 support in Truffle

  • ethPM v2 support in Brownie

  • ethPM plugin for Remix

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