ethPM & Remix IDE

How to get the most out of ethPM's plugin for Remix.

What can I do with the ethPM Remix plugin?

  • Generate an ethPM package from smart contracts in your Remix editor

  • Publish generated ethPM packages to IPFS or download them locally

  • Import smart contract source files from ethPM packages directly into the Remix editor

  • Import deployed contract instances from ethPM packages, and interact with them directly in Remix

How to create a package?

  1. Compile the contract you want to package up with the Solidity Compiler plugin.

    • Currently, the Vyper compiler plugin is not supported.

  2. Select the contract types you would like to include in the package.

  3. Enter your package name and version (both are required to generate a valid ethPM package).

  4. Enter any metadata you would like to include in your package.

  5. Click Generate Manifest.

  6. Wait a bit while the plugin generates your manifests, and publishes it to IPFS (via the Infura gateway).

  7. Click Manifest Preview to view the manifest in the ethPM explorer

    • Note. this does not mean that your manifest has been published to a registry - it's simply a pretty view of your beautiful manifest json.

  8. Click Download Raw Manifest to save a local copy of the generated manifest json.

    • Note - when downloaded, the json file has escaped characters which means it's an invalid ethPM manifest. To make this a valid ethPM manifest, you must remove the escape characters. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're working to eliminate this hurdle asap.

Next steps?

How to import a manifest?

  • Click on Import a Package

  • Enter the IPFS url associated with the desired package.

  • Wait a second while the plugin fetches the manifest from IPFS.

  • Click on Import to import any source file found in the manifest to Remix's in-browser filesystem.

  • Click on Import ABI to import the ABI for any contract deployment found in the manifest to Remix's in-browser filesystem.

How to interact a deployment?

  • Follow the steps in How to import a manifest? (above)

  • Click on Import ABI for whatever contract deployment you want to interact with.

  • Activate the Deploy and Run Transactions plugin in Remix.

  • Select Injected Web3 in the Environment dropdown.

  • Make sure Metamask is connected to whatever chain your target deployment is located on.

  • Copy and paste the address of the target deployment into At Address.

  • Voila, now you can interact with the target deployment right in the Remix editor.

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